Vegan Pal 2 package

On to the good stuff – my pal warned me that the box was about to explode, and it certainly sprang open with minimal assistance, because it was so full of yarn!


I’ve had a lovely time corresponding with Chan, of Knit Tea. She seems like a really steady, centred person, and has had a fascinating life so far. Thank you Chan, for taking the leap into this swap as a non-vegan and for being such a wonderful pal. I’m terribly late in saying thanks. I apologise for the lateness, and the terrible photos – now that the clocks have changed I have given up trying to find time to take pictures in daylight.

Contents under the cut…


Just a couple of weeks before the swap date I mentioned that I had been dying to get my hands on some Maizy, and lo and behold two skeins turned up in my package. This is from my pal’s own stash, because apparently it just called out to her! I’m so glad it did – the yarn is just as exciting as I thought – so soft, with a unique texture. It’s a beautiful colourway too. I feel a little evil for pinching it, but not too much because I’m too busy stroking it and flipping through patterns. I also received a great letter which explained why she had chosen each thing in the package, and a bit more about her life that I might not have picked up on during our email conversations. It is funny how you can talk to a person a great deal on this interweb without knowing things that would be some of your first questions in real life.


I also ‘nicked’ some of her Wick – so deliciously spongy I can’t stop feeling it. There are two balls of this too – what to do, what to do.


Supergreen Cascade Fixation (x2!) as my yarn ball, containing some circ point protectors, and some sock shaped point protectors, which made me cackle. I just don’t expect that kind of thing, even though I know that we knitters are crazy. I think this is the universe telling me to start using such useful things, instead of jamming my needles into the knitting and crossing my fingers. I haven’t got round to buying any Fixation yet, so it’s another brilliant choice. There were also some tiny tiny cute stitch markers from Blume’s Accessories in the middle, of which I utterly failed to take a good picture.


Ginger tea and ginger thins! I love ginger at any time of year, but now that it is dark and thinking of getting cold (still haven’t turned the heating on), there’s nothing better. Ginger thins always make me feel Christmassy, so I’m munching on them with a cup of tea and feeling festive. There was also a very clever corkscrew/cutter/stopper and a notepad especially for making lists of wine (sounds like a good idea to me!).


Nutter Butter cookies! So tasty, so lacking in nutritional value and most of all, so perfect. When I opened the box and saw the Nascar logo I started to sniffle, because I’m stupidly homesick at the moment (yes, for the country I was not born in). Few things say USA like Nascar, even though I’ve never watched it. Then I ate three peanut butter sandwich cookie delights and turned my mind to this vital question: if Nutter Butters are an ‘an’ official cookie of Nascar, what are the others?

Thanks again to Channon, who paid really close attention to my likes and dislikes, and put together a perfect package!


  1. So much yarn! Nice, I couldn’t say which I like best. What a wonderful package, but what else could you expect from Chan?!

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